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I am a self proclaimed product junkie. I have been since the age of 14 when my best friends mom [a runway model and beauty product queen] gave me my first Gommage....that was it! Gommage you ask, what is that? Stay tuned and I will tell you along the way. I am a 45 year old professional skin care connoisseur, Esthetician. I love working with my clients to build custom home care and in spa treatments that put my clients at the top of their Anti-Aging game. I am an educator, teacher, mentor to many and love helping others achieve their best. I believe blogging is the ticket to sharing our world of information. Where else in our life time have we been able to go and find conversations that will help us live a better life while saving money and doing the best for our health. Well the time has come to share what I know about skin care, what I believe is money worth spending when you are considering investing in anti-aging regimes, and all of your skin care concerns. Ask me and I will share my expertise with you. If I don't have an answer, I will find one.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow - I received a crazy amount of inquires....

...... Not really, but let me give you some meat so at least you know this is the real deal.....

Shortly, after the age of thirty-five the first signs of aging appear. Life choices - to sun or not- to block or not [the sun that is]...oops I am burned again, smoking [even part time], the food you choose to eat....and so on-- all effect the condition of your skin. They ALL fast track your skin to age faster and as a result you look older than your calendar age. After 35, the ability of the skin to regenerate new tissue slows, and the skin's natural moisturizing ability begins to fail. Our complexion is dulled and discolored. We are showing the signs of aging- how can we slow this down?

Up to the age of 25, our natural skin cell turnover [when new cells come to the surface and replace the old damaged cells] is 5 -10 days - By 40- our cells are hanging out longer on the surface [20-30 days] and excentuate the fine lines we have accrued over time. Brown spots [sun damage] begin to appear--Wow we definitely need help.

One of the most important steps in your skin care regime is EXFOLIATION-- What are your choices and how should you start the process? Stay tuned...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you have dry skin?

When new clients come to see me, nine times out of ten, they think they are dry skinned and sensitive. Hmmm I say, lets take a look. In these consultations, my first question is always, "How often do you exfoliate?" Common answer, "What does that mean?"

So you see how this routine goes. Do you exfoliate?